Endorsements & Partnerships

Ashley Esposito 

Elected School Board Commissioner

" I endorse the Baltimore Baby Fund because I firmly believe that every family in Baltimore deserves stability when welcoming a new baby home. As a mother, I understand the stress that can arise from unexpected medical expenses or other fees associated with having a new child. I believe that providing financial support would alleviate some of that stress. Additionally, I have witnessed too many parents returning to work prematurely due to concerns about the financial strain of staying home, forcing them to make the difficult choice of sacrificing precious bonding time. I would love to see our city invest in supporting parents and families, providing them stability for their new bundle of joy."


"The Baltimore Baby Bonus will go a long way in making sure no family has to make those choices. We are proud to partner with the Baltimore Baby Bonus Campaign in working to build a Baltimore City that works for working families."

Baltimore Teachers Union

"The Baltimore Teachers Union endorsed the Baltimore Baby Bonus because we know the impact of investment in our children. Providing funds to families at the critical moment of birth or adoption allows parents to focus on welcoming their new child into environments that are safe, nourishing, and protective. 

Pro-Choice Maryland

"Every baby deserves clean diapers, formula, and all the love and attention they need. When making a decision to start a family, cost should not be a barrier. However, in today’s economic climate the cost of raising a child is exponentially high. The Baltimore Baby Bonus Fund proposed Charter Amendment is an anti-poverty measure that will boost infant well-being across the city. Pro-Choice Maryland believes in reproductive freedom and believes in The Baltimore Baby Bonus Fund."


"Our purpose and our vision is to help increase on-time high school and college graduation rates among teenage mothers in our community. We hope and aim to inspire these young women to overcome challenges in their lives, and reach their full potential."

Greater Baltimore DSA

"Fighting to build socialism and change the balance of power in our city ."

Steven Johnson for Baltimore  

City Council District 6

We are excited to be endorsed by Steven Johnson's City Council Campaign! Steven's statement below:

“For far too long, only City residents apart of a certain socio- economic status had access to the resources, both financial, and social to further advance their quality of life; putting them on the best trajectory for success.

 The time has come, where not only change is needed, but change makers have to organize to create the shift that we want to see. Providing these resources allows everyone regardless of zip code, financial status; or lack there of, have the things they want, need, & deserve. 

Baby Bonus Fund organizers, and supporters, are those change agents... They get what it takes, and giving folks access to additional financial resources is the first step..an important step, to stand on the right side of history... Working & showing up for the people.”

Zac Blanchard for Baltimore 

City Council District 11

We are excited to be endorsed by Zac Blanchard's City Council Campaign! Zac's statement below:

"The endorsement comes alongside the Alliance’s push for the Baltimore Baby Bonus Fund, a proposed Charter Amendment aimed at offering financial assistance to new parents in Baltimore City. This initiative seeks to provide a one-time payment of at least $1,000 to city residents upon the birth or adoption of a child, a move designed to alleviate financial stress for families and contribute to the economic health of the community. I'm a vocal supporter of this campaign, which aligns with my broader vision for a city that cherishes and nurtures its youngest residents.

Everyone says that Baltimore needs to invest more in our children, and this initiative is a transformative way to do that when children are at their most impressionable and families are at their most vulnerable. What the Maryland Child Alliance is doing is showing all of our families that Baltimore cares about them.

I am impressed by the Alliance’s success and tremendously proud to receive their endorsement. Especially considering that my opponent is the only council member to outright reject this proposal so far, I think this endorsement is a great way to clearly distinguish between the two of us."